COLENZING for Colon Flush
21st Century Professional "Self" Cleansing Unit



It doesn't matter how old you are how young you are, how fat you are, how skinny you are...we all need to clean the colon out. What's lurking inside you you? Watch the video and schedule your session today.










21st Colenz Continue Professional "Self" Cleansing Unit for

$85.00 per session adults and $45.00 children under 16

Elder Special Rate 67 years and older - $65.00



Many have asked what makes the ColenzUltimate Enema System a Class Idevice.  Briefly it is:

1. The water temperature is controlled before it is delivered to the device. 

2. The water is filtered and treated before it is delivered to the device. 

3. The client performs their own cleanse or enema by inserting the nozzle and turning the gravity fed water on and off.  Our system cleans the whole colon even through we do not use the terms  “colonic” or “colon irrigation” in describing or promoting our practice. At my center we teach a course in digestive care and proper care of your colon after the class you can decide if you would like to experience a colon cleansing enema session as part of your class.


A spray of fresh water in the bowl along with a vacuum fan controls the smells, providing a virtually odorless experience. The cleansing water flows gently through the nozzle from a water container located in the console at the foot of the client. The water is pure and is consistently body temperature. Since the client is virtually prone the water gently hydrates the entire colon. When the client feels the urge to eliminate, the body does it naturally pushing the fecal matter past the nozzle and into the bowl. The fecal matter remains in the bowl until completion of the colenz and can be inspected if desired. A colenz is very comfortable, safe, effective, odorless and private (non-evasive). The FDA has approved enemas for general cleaning of the colon. A colenz does not require a prescription.

This cleanse is preformed on an FDA Class 1 home or a professional device. The rectal nozzle is 1/4" in diameter and is very flexible. The disposable nozzle is attached to the scoop of the device where the client is lying. The client inserts the nozzle and slides against the scoop allowing the nozzle to enter about 1/2" into the rectum. The scoop directs the debris away from the client and into the large bowl below the removable board where the client is lying prone.


Colenz vs. Colonics Traditionally, a professional colon cleansing has been referred to as a colonic. Colonics are performed on an FDA Class 1 prescriptive devise the direction and oversight of a medical doctor and there must be a prescription for a colon cleansing session. There are two basic types of colonic devices; open and closed. An open device infuses the water through a rectal nozzle that varies in diameter from 1/4" to ½" and the fecal debris is expelled into a reservoir passing the nozzle that remains in place.

On some devices the debris passes through a clear tube to be viewed as it passes into the sewer. On the Ultimate Concepts class II device the fecal matter remains in the reservoir for viewing before being flushed. A closed device infuses the water under pressure through a rectal speculum that is from 1" to 1 1/4" in diameter. The fecal debris is then evacuated through the same speculum and is discharged through a viewing tube into the toilet or sewer connection. The therapist inserts nozzle or speculum and speculum is actually held in place by the therapist during the entire procedure. Most colonics can be very uncomfortable and quite evasive. The FDA has approved colonics for use of cleansing the colon prior to a colonoscopy or endoscopy. A colonic requires a doctor’s prescription.