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Join us on April 30, 2015 for the 5th Annual Emancipate Yourself from Medical Mental Slavery Day Conscious Self-Healthcare Community online Self-Care Conference radio show. Live on www.innerlightradio from 5pm to 8pm EST. Tune in to hear a different keynote speaker every 20 minutes. Are you ready to step up out of the dark ages of disease care? Are you ready to move with assurance to conscious self-healthcare? Join us on the Free Global Conscious Self-Healthcare Community Radio Show Awards program.  Call in and share at 8:00 pm 310.928.7733. Heart2Heart

The theme for Emancipate Yourself from Medical Mental Slavery Day is

" Return to Self-Love, Self-Care: Creating a New Relationship with Self." 

April 30th is Emancipation Health Day earmarked as Emancipate Yourself from Medical Mental Slavery Day (EYFMMSD). The day is one of self-awareness, predicated on how one consciously takes care of one’s health and heal one’s body. The brainchild of Dr. Karen (Khadijah) Davis-Foulks, CAM, PMD, DL, NES BioEnergetic Provider  (non-secular science of Informational Medicine) established April 30, 2011, EYFMMSD was created out of the need to re-educate and remind individuals of the powers they possess as divine beings born with the birthright of pure health. Join us each year on this day as we honor those who have taken back control of their health and healing freeing themselves from pharmaceuticals and the brainwashing from the Western Medical Industry.

The Art of Shift Moving from a Disease Care state of Consciousness

Emancipate Yourself From Medical Mental Slavery

Make Conscious Self-Care M.O.V.E.S

Mental Observation View Is Essential for Success

Our planet, Mother Earth, and all of her inhabitants are going through a shift. We are shifting from a consciousness of separateness to oneness and from competition to cooperation. As active participants in this dramatic change, we have championed a collaborative campaign for helping alternative healthcare practitioners and other organizations to increase funds while raising consciousness to a new level of health awareness and abundance through “art.”

The Emancipate Yourself From Medical Mental Slavery “art” was specifically designed for this effort. The print, donated by visionary artist, Wanda K. Whitaker, symbolizes the breaking away from the old paradigm of putting all the responsibility on the physician and medical healthcare system to conscious self-care healthcare. Art is known to be therapeutic and healing. The art print contains symbols representing sacred geometry patterns, healing color frequencies and ancient Egyptian and Yoruba knowledge. It was composed to reprogram the subconscious mind and alert the conscious mind to make a shift towards conscious healthcare that will benefit individuals, families and the entire community.

Place your order today and receive the licensing rights for only $88.00 that allows you to print the image yourself in any dimension you choose and sell it to others. You may choose to print t-shirts, coffee cups, magnets, etc. or, buy a print for as low as $15.00 and hang it on your wall at home or in the office. The choice is yours. 

Just imagine, how such a low investment can garnish hundreds and thousands more, to keep the program going or to pay the bill to keep your organization operating.

TheEmancipate Yourself From Medical Mental Slavery “Art of Shift” effort is based on the true values of trust, honesty, communal prosperity and universal laws.

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Interested in becoming an authorized reseller contact Wanda K. Whitaker at



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All that you are is all that you have thought.

"Conscious Living through Living Consciously." Dr. K

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